F.O.MEC is a company that operates in the field of sheet cold forming of metals like iron, brass, stainless steel and aluminum for different sectors : automative,motorcycles and bicycles's parts, electrical appliances, gardening tools, forniture and more.Our production system is set up with modern CNC machines, using presses with power up to 1000 tons, and with an efficient production system, controlled with utmost care to guarantee an excellent standard of quality and a high level of flexibility.Our fleet consists of : 2 Presses of 30 T, 2 Presses of 100 T, 1 Press of 200 T, 1 Press of 250 T, 1 Press of 300 T, 1 Press of 315 T, 1 Press of 450 T, 2 Presses of 1000 T for coining, 1 Press brake of 40 T, 1 robot. The activities offered are as follow :

  • Shearing and pressing of materials as: Iron, Brass, Steel ,Stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Design and manufacture of molds.
  • Drawing up to H 100mm e 600mm.
  • Production of terminal blocks for electric motors: Brass washers, bridges and clamps etc..
  • Assembling and packaging the finished product.

We can also offer the surface treatments such as Galvanizing, Burnishing, Phospatizing, Painting and we do also have an area for assembling and packing the components. All products run on specific and exclusive for our customers.

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