F.O.MEC, founded in 2002, is a young and dynamic company, which can count on thirty years experience in the field of steel processing. It's a typical family driven business that, at the handover, transmits to the next generation the skilles and capabilities of a company with a long history in the Northeast of Italy. F.O.MEC, that works for third parties, is specialized in molding of sheet metals as iron, brass, stainless steel and aluminum for lots of sectors, it's also a manufacturer of accessories for electric motors such as washers, bridges and brass clamps with a list of articles which meet the various demands.


A small but a solid and dynamic company that has managed to make a strong point of their traditions. The next betting will be centered on the place of production, more and more oriented towards the realization of large details, as in the automative industry where it gained a prominent position. There is all the will and desire to succeed and establish itself not only in the Northeast of Italy but across the country and, why not, abroad.Still ahead, then, with an eye to the past and one to the future, we will bring to the market the excellence of a Stainless Tradition.

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